How you register for IGF 2019 will depend on how you wish to participate – you can attend the conference in person in Berlin or participate online in workshops and discussions. For groups, there is also the opportunity to participate together online, for which a local event under IGF 2019 can be organised (“remote hub”).

Admission to the IGF 2019 is free of charge.

Participating in person

You can register to participate and attend in person in Berlin through the UN’s accreditation system. For this you will first need a user account, which you then use to register for IGF 2019. How to proceed:

  1. Create a user account
    Create a user account on the website of the UN accreditation system. If you already have an account, you can log on straight away. To create a new account, select “Register Now” and then “Create a new account”. Complete the form.

    Screenshot of the website

    Screenshot of the website

  2. Activate your account
    Once you have created your new account, you will receive an email with a confirmation link that you will need to click on.

  3. Register for IGF 2019
    Once your account is activated, follow the link to register as a participant of IGF 2019. Complete the form with details about your participation. You can also use the form to specify if you need additional support with disabilities during your participation. You may also use the registration form if you are a representative of the press.

    Screenshot of the website

Once your registration for IGF 2019 is confirmed, you will receive an email. Please note that the confirmation may take several days.

Registration deadline for participation in person: 1 November 2019

Participating remotely

You can also participate in IGF 2019 remotely, watch the programme via video conferencing and contribute to the discussions. In order to register to participate remotely, you will need a user account on the website of the IGF Secretariat of the UN. Registration through the UN accreditation system is not necessary. How to proceed:

  1. Create a user account on

  2. Follow the confirmation link in the email to activate your account

You can use this account to access the online participation section of the UN IGF Secretariat website. In this area you will find an overview of the various rooms and transmissions during the event, among other things. Other technical information can be obtained from the remote participation platform guide (PDF: 707 KB).

Registration for online participation is possible until the end of the event.

Remote hubs – online participation for groups

For organisations there is the option of setting up a remote hub to remotely participate in IGF 2019. These are shared local meetings which participants of the IGF 2019 can watch online and where they can participate in discussions. The online programme may also be supplemented by specific debates or local events.

For example, remote hubs can be organised by educational institutions, businesses or non-governmental organisations. More information about the organisation is available on the website of the UN IGF Secretariat.

Registration deadline for the organisation of remote hubs: 25 October 2019