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Internet Governance Radar

The Internet Governance Radar focuses on news relating to cybersecurity, the digital economy, digital human rights and technology. The website is operated by DENIC, the manager of the .de top level domain. The stakeholders and organisations involved in regulating the Internet – the number of which can be overwhelming for beginners – are introduced through brief profiles. The site offers an events calendar and publishes quarterly reports about political, legal and technical trends.

Languages: German and English

Transformation Maps: Internet Governance

The World Economic Forum has established a knowledge platform in the form of the website “Transformation Maps” to focus on the links between global and social matters. This website also offers summary articles and more extensive information on Internet governance, for example, on topics such as digital commerce and cybersecurity. Free-of-charge registration is required to use the website.

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

Digital Watch Observatory

The Digital Watch Observatory offers a range of information services that continuously monitor and process developments in the field of Internet governance. This service is operated by public authorities and public institutions in Switzerland as well as the DiploFoundation, which addresses international politics and diplomacy. The website collects politically and legally relevant documents, dates and news on 43 topics. Monthly newsletters, briefings and webinars help to summarise the latest developments from an international perspective.

Languages: English

Internet Governance Guidebook

The “Internet Governance Guidebook” published by Deutsche Welle Akademie focuses on the countries of the Global South. In it, international authors write about topics such as the liability of intermediaries or the impacts of Internet regulation on media freedom.

Languages: English

An Introduction to Internet Governance

The DiploFoundation has published a manual providing an Introduction to Internet governance and is available as a downloadable e-book in numerous languages. It introduces, among other things, various development phases and concepts relating to regulation of the Internet as well as individual topical fields such as infrastructure, digital economy, and human rights.

Languages: Armenian, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Thai